Coming Clean

If you’ve seen me since I arrived back in the United States this summer, you can probably ignore this blog. You’re welcome to read it anyway, but its contents shouldn’t be a surprise for you.

Since April or May, Blake and I have asked our prayer partners to pray for my health. I’m sure they’ve noticed extreme vagueness in those prayer emails, but we just haven’t been ready to talk about what’s been going on in a bigger forum. Now, it’s time. Continue reading

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We Need Worlds to Collide

Thoughts of a Recovering Seminarian

Recently, here in Arica, we were blessed to host a couple Cuban pastors. They shared of their churches, their experiences, and their reality. It was a wonderful time. Hearing this one pastor speak in our church, sharing about their outreach to the community, offering food to those who had none, showing their community the full love of Jesus challenged us all, especially given their context. To be honest, however, something else impacted me even more than his words. It happened during the time of praise and worship. 

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“I’m always learning something new.”

The past couple of months have been a challenge. On top of my normal teaching responsibilities at the Theological Institute and the Center for Biblical Formation, I’ve been preaching and teaching weekly at one of the local Baptist churches. Preparing four lessons and one sermon every week, in Spanish, has been a challenge. At times I’m not sure how I can keep up, but somehow, through the help of some very good resources and a very faithful God, I’ve been able to keep up with the demands.  Continue reading

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Anita’s Forever Family

As most of you probably have figured out, I don’t really “do” babies right now. Two weeks ago I went to a service where there was a newborn and I couldn’t even look at the child’s mother. We were pregnant at the same time and I don’t know if I will ever be able to look at that baby or her mother without feeling pangs of sadness, resentment, guilt, etc. Continue reading

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The Power of Words

I hope that at five months out, people will receive what I have to say better than they would have when I really wanted to write it. I realized, then, that people might view my words as in-the-moment grief, anger, or insanity, so I decided to wait until there was a little more time between me and November to write this post. After a recent conversation on a stillbirth forum, I realized that I am not the only person who needs to write this blog. I write this for me and for the people I am connected to through our common grief… Continue reading

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Marco’s Story

Yesterday afternoon at the children’s home I had the privilege of observing a young father with his infant son. During visitation hours most of the visitors are women, so I’m always intrigued when a father comes. After a few short minutes watching Marco* play with Francisco*, it was obvious to me that Marco cared a great deal for his son. Most dads stand awkwardly by their child’s crib and pet them like they’re visiting a puppy at an animal shelter. Not Marco. He laughed, played and cuddled his son. While Francisco napped, Marco put him down and played with the other babies. Continue reading

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Family, Powdered Sugar and Fundraising

People quite frequently ask Blake and me what’s the hardest thing about our jobs/life-calling as missionaries. There are lots of hard things, but I’ve decided to narrow today’s post down to my top three: (1) being far from loved ones (especially in a crisis), (2) dealing with unsatisfactory cake icing and (3) fundraising. Continue reading

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