About me

This blog documents my journey to the desert and back. Since starting this blog, this has taken on a new meaning for me. My husband and I moved to the Chilean desert in October of 2011 to serve as field personnel for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Our focus areas were theological education and advocacy for children in at-risk situations. We started this blog to document our journey to Chile and our work there.

After a little over a year of service, our son Silas was born sleeping–bringing us to an emotional desert. We no longer live and serve in Chile, but I now use this blog to talk about our stillbirth journey and the birth of our “rainbow baby,” Benji.

There are far too few conversations on the topic of stillbirth, pregnancy loss and infertility. Given how common these three things are, I’ve made the decision to speak and blog honestly about my experiences with stillbirth and parenting after stillbirth in the hopes that I can be a blessing to someone walking a similar journey or help someone who is trying to reach out to someone on this journey. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like a private conversation on stillbirth, loss, grief, missions, theology, or life in general.

My email address is bekah.hart@gmail.com. 


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