A little bit of everything

My apologies to all for our recent blog silence. Trying to survive our first trimester of pregnancy (not quite sure how, but we did it!), moving out of our house, and spending five weeks back in the United States have kept us away from the blogosphere.

We’ve been back in Chile for about ten days and I figure that it’s time for an update about our work, lives, etc…

We never actually announced our upcoming addition on our blog, but I think Facebook helped us get that news out better than our blog ever could. I’m due December 2, so at 24 weeks we’re a little over halfway there. I was pretty miserable until week 16 so we both kept pretty busy for a while–me sleeping and um other things you don’t care to read about and Blake trying to find foods I could handle. We’re both grateful that stage is over!

In the middle of the nausea and fatigue, we moved out of the house we had been renting. It wasn’t big enough for our family and given some issues we were having with our landlord and the rickety staircase that I slipped on several times, we were both ready to get out. The trouble was that we didn’t have anywhere to go. We started looking for other rental property in May, but didn’t have much luck. Thankfully, a friend offered for us to live with him, so here I am sitting at the kitchen table while Alonso prepares a Bible study and Blake works on a class syllabus. We are very grateful that the church he pastors is allowing us to live here (in the parsonage) with him rent and utility free! If any of you single ladies are wondering, Alonso is in his thirties, single and looking. : )

Our trip stateside was definitely a busy one. Several people here have asked us how our vacation was, and we chuckle as we tell them that it wasn’t a vacation. Yes, we got to spend some really good quality time with our families, but that was between trips speaking here, there, and everywhere. We spoke at seven churches (visited 8) in North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. We spent four days meeting with fellow field personnel serving in Latin America. We met with various folks at CBF and had meals with friends and supporters. Work-wise, we made the most out of our trip.

We were very blessed, as well, to get to spend a week and a half with each of our families. We were spoiled with foods we’d been craving (sometimes I think Blake has more cravings than I do!), numerous family gatherings, trips to the theater to see movies in English, and a myriad of other things. Both families and our home church hosted baby showers for us, so we returned to Chile with three suitcases for Silas and one for the two of us. 🙂 For me, the highlight of our trip was getting to be there to help my grandparents celebrate SIXTY years of marriage. Family that I had never even met before came for the celebration! It was a beautiful event (thanks to my sister, brother-in-law and their team of worker bees) and I am so thankful that we got to be a part of it.

Our connections with several new churches and several churches that already support us continue to remind me that we are on a communal journey. I am still overwhelmed by how we are welcomed and supported by folks we’ve either never met or have only visited a couple of times.

In the last week and half that we’ve been home, we’ve been hard at work. We found a place to live (blog on that coming next week), celebrated four years of marriage, visited two churches and reconnected with various partners. Blake is currently working on his syllabi for two courses he’ll be teaching this spring (fall, if you’re in the northern hemisphere) as well as trying to catch up on our finacial reporting. I’m in a holding pattern with the children’s home as they pass around Chicken Pox and hope to be back there in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am catching up on five months of correspondence with supporters (hang tight, I’m getting to you!), pricing furniture for our new digs, and doing research for a couple of possible projects.

So that’s a little of what we’ve been up to. In our September newsletter and in our upcoming blogs, we’ll write a little more about particular aspects of our work.

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2 Responses to A little bit of everything

  1. Ron says:

    Keep on keeping on and wait on the Lord. His timing is perfect. We all Try to plan and plan while HE just laughs. We love you and are continuing to lift you in prayer.

    Ron & Marilyn King

  2. Deborah Leamon says:

    It wonderful to hear all about your trip home and life back in Chile! You and Blake are always in our thoughts and prayers.

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