Even the small things

We’ve had several weeks of blog silence, so I hope that two in one week isn’t too shocking. We don’t have Internet in our home still, so it takes some effort for us to post anything longer than a brief update on Facebook. I guess that’s not really the true reason for our silence, though, since I’m writing now without Internet.

Moving to a new country is exhausting in so many ways. Some days we’re overwhelmed by the language and culture. Other days we’re overwhelmed by homesickness. At the end of days like that, all either of us want to do is lie in bed and watch AXN—the only all English channel we get. Before moving here, I was certain we wouldn’t have a TV because we wouldn’t need one. We’d be so busy learning a new place and new people that we probably wouldn’t even want one. Now that we’re renting a furnished house that came with a small one, I’m grateful. The one pitfall, though, is that AXN really only shows crime series like all 20 of the CSIs, Criminal Minds and the like. I’m not much for suspense, violence, or blood so I have found myself looking for something else to help me pass the time when my brain hurts from thinking in Spanish or when my heart hurts from missing the ones I love.

In the city center last week, I noticed a craft store and went in. I didn’t think I’d find anything that interested me, but I still like to look at the buttons and ribbons and such. My use of a sewing pedal and acceleration pedal are too similar for me to sew well, but those things remind me of my mother, who sews very well. As I looked at the threads, I noticed they had embroidery thread. As a teenager, my grandmother taught me how to cross-stitch. It’s the one sew-y type thing that I can actually do. I flubbed around my Spanish and crazy gringo hand gestures enough to ask if they had the material used in cross-stitching—if I have no idea what it’s called in English, do you think I have a clue what it is in Spanish? They had it, so I excitedly told the lady I’d be back. The store didn’t sell patterns, so I wanted to see what I could find on the internet before buying a meter of fabric. The Internet is many a wonderous thing and there are patterns a plenty. I went back to the store and bought what I needed today.

Mom, you would be proud. I bought a good pair of sewing scissors and the first thing I did when we got home was lecture Blake about how they are only to be used on material and thread. No paper, no bags of rice, no hair. Sometimes I frighten myself with how much I sound like you.

And just like that, I have a hobby—something to do when my head and heart are about to burst. And if that isn’t enough…

While out running an errand with some of the young folk from church, we found an abandoned puppy. She was terrified and dirty, lying in a pile of garbage behind a trashcan. She was so small and helpless and we couldn’t just leave here there. We went home, grabbed a hotdog and a piece of sopaipilla (fried bread), and headed back to where she was. She didn’t want anything to do with us until Blake brandished the food we’d brought. He gently coaxed her from behind the trashcan and into a towel we’d brought to wrap her in.

She seems to be settling in okay 🙂

The young people insisted that we name her Sopaipilla, which works since every other pet we’ve ever had has been named after food. If you’re wondering how it’s pronounced, it’s so-pie-pee-yah. We call her Sopie or Sopai for short. She is just what we needed to help us de-stress and chase away the lonely. She’s always happy to see us and always ready to play. We’d been talking about maybe getting a dog for a couple weeks now, but hadn’t found anything in our price range and weren’t really sure if we should buy another dog when we’ve still got one back home. Talks about trying to get home for my sister’s wedding put our dog conversation on hold—or so we thought.

As I sit here on the couch with our new puppy resting her head in the crook of my elbow, I am reminded that God cares about every little detail of our lives—every need, every desire. I am so blessed.

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5 Responses to Even the small things

  1. C.J. Wehmiller says:

    OK – From here on out I am going to keep the kleenex handy when I read your posts!

  2. Loyd Allen says:

    When Libby was recovering from surgery and chemo, 11-year-old Clare brought home a kitten. I was angry at the added care burden, but found the kitten brough laughter along with her. My spiritual director said maybe God and our child knew what was really needed more than I did. Sopie reminds me of those days. Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Ron says:

    Bekah: Marilyn and I can’t wait to read your blogs. We are praying for you and Blake and your stories lift our spirits as we feel that God is already using both of you to minister to us back in the States as well as the peoples of Chile. God bless.

    Ron King

  4. Sherri Phengchard says:

    Such a sweet reminder that He does care about every detail. Love reading your updates Bekah! 🙂

  5. lji-c says:

    Always know that you are cared for, you are missed and you are loved.

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