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Christmas in Chile

I’m not really sure how to start a blog about our first Christmas in Chile, so this sentence will have to suffice. This was our first Christmas spent in another country and without our families. Thanks to technology, we were … Continue reading

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Weakness is the key

When I prepared to go onto the mission field, my mind often went through all the things that I may have to do. Helping people with their crops, teaching seminary students in Arica, or helping lead discipleship studies with the … Continue reading

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Even the small things

We’ve had several weeks of blog silence, so I hope that two in one week isn’t too shocking. We don’t have Internet in our home still, so it takes some effort for us to post anything longer than a brief … Continue reading

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We’ve got tickets!

This past week I started to think about how I would get home for my sister’s wedding. Her wedding is in March and it’s already December—time to book tickets. My head started to hurt as we crunched the numbers, trying … Continue reading

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