I guess this is it

Well, I just crossed the last item off of my to-do list. I’m not quite sure what I thought this would feel like, and I’m also not sure what it actually does feel like. I have to say that I have been way less stressed than I feel I should have been, considering what we’re undertaking. With just a few items left to pack, I still can’t believe that we’re leaving for Chile tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow Blake and I will get on a plane to start a life somewhere we’ve visited once. Tomorrow we will hug our families goodbye.  We’ve waited for this for so long, but at the same time I can’t help but wonder how in the world it’s already here.

I haven’t blogged as much as I hoped I would these past two weeks, but I’m okay with that. Instead of blogging about spending time with family, I’ve actually done it—and that feels good. We’ve been able to spend good, quality time with both of our families and some
friends and that makes me happy. If you’d like to see pictures of these past couple of weeks, I’ve posted them in a public album on Facebook. The first half of the album is my family and the second half is Blake’s.

I’m trying hard not to think about the goodbyes I have to say tomorrow. I don’t think I’m having much success, but the smell of an early Thanksgiving dinner cooking is a welcome

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow evening/night as we travel. We leave Charlotte at 6:30pm and arrive in Santiago at 8:30 Sunday morning.  Please also keep our families in your prayers.

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3 Responses to I guess this is it

  1. Mary Ann Cauthen says:

    I am so happy for you, & you will stay in my prayers. I just think how fortunate the children of the area will be to have you working with them. God Bless as you adjust to life there. Mary Ann Cauthen (Central Bapt. Church, Newnan, GA)

  2. What an exciting time. Please know that Anna and I are in prayer for you in this new journey. You are ready and I am excited for you both. You have been called of God to do this work and it is now time. Enjoy!

  3. Sharon says:

    Praying for safe travels as you begin your adventure. Prayers for everyone saying the good-byes.

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