Oh Atlanta

It’s hard to believe that we only have five full days left in Atlanta. As we drove to our favorite frozen yogurt place for dinner last night (yes, you read correctly) neither of us could bring ourselves to believe this was our last time doing so. Atlanta is the only place that we’ve lived since we got married. It’s where we fought and drove each other nuts those first few of months of marriage. It’s where Blake studied in seminary. It’s where I’ve worked my first grown up job. It’s where we got our first dog and celebrated our first Christmas.

We love this city. There is always something to do: trails to hike, museums to visit, food to eat. Mars Hill was the last place either of us lived for any length of time, so having the option to go out and do something after 5pm that isn’t 20 miles away was quite a novel thing for us when we first got here. We’ve enjoyed the Yellow Daisy Festival and hiking at Stone Mountain. We’ve enjoyed our proximity to the apple orchards and corn mazes of the mountains. We’ve seen the Terra Cotta Warriors and Salvador Dalí exhibits at the art museum. We’ve eaten Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Thai, and a countless number of pizzas around town. Heck, Blake has even gotten this Yankees fan to do the Tomahawk Chop a time or two at Turner Field (please don’t tell my Grandma). We’ve definitely tried to make the most out of being in such a big city.

After our first hike up Stone Mountain, summer 2009

We’ve had our share of frustrations, to be sure. I’ll never forget the day, right after we moved here, that we got our Georgia licenses. On the line for sex, Blake’s license had an “F.” When he asked the DMV to change it back, they asked to see his birth certificate as proof. He was not pleased. And, while we’ve never had a difficult commute, traffic has also been a source of angst—especially on Friday afternoons trying to head north for the weekend. We’ve also had struggles not unique to a big city: a church job that didn’t work out, grieving the deaths of a close friend and an uncle within a year of each other, unemployment, under employment, and more.

More memorable than the things to do or the things we’ve been through, of course, are the people we’ve been blessed to meet here. We have an incredible church family that nourished us back to health after our rough first year here. We have co-workers that have encouraged us to follow the call God has given us. We have friends that we can just be ourselves with. These are the things I’ll miss. These are the people I’ll miss. They are the reason I keep having small cry-moments here and there. They are what have made Atlanta home or, rather, you are what has made Atlanta home. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Oh Atlanta

  1. Eleanor Grant "Nannie" says:

    My dear sweet friends, it has been a blessing to watch you grow from Mars Hill to where God has you now. I pray that you will continue your Mission call with faith, hope and in the knowledge of God’s ever abiding grace and love. Taking His message to His peoples of Chili and other parts of His world as He leads you. I will hold you up in prayer for health, safety and happiness, wisdom and the courage to follow His lead. My loving heart, Nannie.

  2. Emily says:

    you made me cry just reading this.

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