I’ve got a to-do list and I’m not afraid to use it

Friends, we have good news. We’ve actually had it for a week now.  If you’re “friends” with us on Facebook or have “liked” our page, Harts in Chile, then you already know our good news. I sincerely apologize to our blog-only readers for getting this a week late; it’s just a lot faster to type a one phrase update than a multi-paragraph one…

We are going to Chile!!!! And not just “someday.” We are going to Chile next month. Next month. Our plane leaves Charlotte on October 15th. It is still so weird to type that. We’ve been waiting for this to be real for so long that it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be happening. Perhaps I should back up.

We‘ve been making strides towards leaving for the past several months. And by that I mean that our incredible supporters and partners have been making strides. We are constantly amazed at how God provides and who God chooses to use to finance the call God has given to us. At the same time our support has been increasing, there have been discussions at CBF about the formula they use to determine if self-funded field personnel, like us, are ready for the field. I won’t bore you with the numeric details (and that’s mostly because you’d probably end up more confused than bored), but we learned in a meeting last week that we qualify to go under the new guidelines they’ve established.

Since that meeting, we have been in a flurry of activity and my brain has been in overdrive. I didn’t sleep at all the first night after we got the news because so many different things were running through my head. My head swam in a sea of things we needed to do until I finally woke an unimpressed Blake from his slumber with my tossing and turning. Not quite how he wanted to start his Saturday, I’m sure. Cancel cell phones, check on vaccinations, apply for international driver’s licenses, figure out banking solutions… And that was only the beginning. Much to Blake’s relief (and, later, restful sleep), I made a to-do list about a mile and half long and started barking orders. Perhaps the “relief” part was overstated, as I’m certain I’m driving him crazy with my list making and checking and double checking. I have also caught myself adding things to the list that I’ve already accomplished just so I can cross them off. This is both because I need the relief of seeing a line drawn through something and because I’m afraid I’ll forget what I’ve done and try to re-do it. Yes, it is that chaotic and I am that scattered.

Part of our sense of urgency comes from knowing that next week is our last week here in Atlanta. We leave for North Carolina next Saturday to begin our farewell tour. We’re trying to sort last minute things, weigh stuff for packing and say goodbye to the friends and church family that have gotten us this far. I’m emotionally pleased that we’re spending more time on the goodbyes, but frantically worried that we’ll have several sleepless nights next week as we try to vacate our room here at the mission house. As many in Latin America would say, “There’s always tomorrow.”

You may be amazed that writing a blog never made it onto that to-do list. Rest assured. I will add it right after this posts.

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