Thoughts from our family: part 5

This week’s thoughts from our family comes from Blake’s sister, Stacy. Stacy loves to work with and write for preschoolers and children, and has recently had a story “The Missing Sunglasses” published in Highlights magazine.

When I was asked to write down my feelings about Blake andBekah’s decision to go to Chile as missionaries, I gladly agreed. However, once I sat down to write I discovered I had no idea how I felt. I think I just sort of accepted it as their decision and didn’t let it go any deeper than that.I’ve had moments when the realization of what they were planning to do and how it would affect all of us really hit me, but I tried not to dwell on those feelings.

As my parents said in their post, I believe we’ve been saying goodbye to Blake in stages and now to Blake and Bekah. With each goodbye and life change, our relationship has changed, but we’ve adjusted to each new “normal.”In a way it’s like God has been preparing us for this all along. I’m still not exactly sure how I feel about all of this, but I guess it’ll sink in gradually once they leave. I’m sure God will give us the grace to handle each emotion and gradually settle into yet another new normal as our relationship with Blake and Bekah changes and grows in new ways.

Since I was having trouble defining my feelings, I decided to get some help. I asked Blake and Bekah’s dog, Snickers, how she felt about them going to Chile. Here is her response, which is much better than mine.

Before You Return

By Snickers Hart

Make your list and check it twice.
Forget one thing you’ll pay the price.
Bring a treat and bring a toy,
A squeaky thing to give me joy.
If you don’t, I’ll chew your knickers.
From your loving doggy, Snickers.

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