Thoughts from our family: part 3

This week’s post is from my older sister, Jaimie Sweem. Jaimie is eight years older than I am. She’s married to my awesome brother-in-law, David, and they have two adorable children, ages four and six. Jaimie works as a school nurse during the school year and as a labor and delivery nurse in her “spare” time. Here are her thoughts on our transition…

I always knew that Bekah would something “different” with her life. Of course selfishly I hoped she would fall in love with someone that would “change” her mind and keep her close to home. Even with the age difference, I always felt the closest to Bekah when we were growing up. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she used to follow me around everywhere I went calling me “Mama Jaimie”. She used to sneak in my room and crawl in bed with me or make herself at home on the shelves next to my bed. She even came home from college one weekend 8 years ago when she learned I was going on a blind date. She showed up in the parking lot of the restaurant where I was meeting David, my husband now! I should have known she would be there!
After Bekah graduated from Mars Hill and moved to Ecuador, I hoped she would get “it” out of her system. We were in contact a lot during her time in Ecuador and I knew then that she had found her calling, her place in this world. My hopes and prayers then changed to hoping that Blake shared that same passion. When they got engaged while serving in Ecuador, I knew that it was part of the bigger plan for their life together. South America would always hold a special place in their heart and would tug at them until they were able to return again. I was not at all surprised to learn that after Blake graduated from seminary the plan was for them to move to Chile.
It takes a lot of courage, selflessness, sacrifice, trust, faith and love to do what they are doing. I have so much respect for them for following this incredible calling that God has put on them. I cannot begin to put myself in their shoes. So, while it is hard to know that in a little while, they will be off to their new home in Chile, we all still have each other. We are not the ones sorting through personal belongings giving stuff away, we are not trying to raise money for this calling, we not saying good bye to our friends and families, we are not going to be starting a family in a foreign land. While I am going to miss them like crazy, I know they are following their heart and God. I am very proud of them for taking this incredible leap of faith! We will keep in contact and we are already planning a trip to Chile summer of 2013! I know it sounds crazy but we are already excited about it and looking forward to it!!

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