I Can’t Believe It’s Over

On Saturday the 14th , on an ominously overcast day, I graduated from McAfee School of Theology! Since then, amidst all the congratulatory words, the comments that have caught me off guard the most have been, “So, how does it feel?” or “Do you feel any different?”

Bekah and I with all our parents after graduation.

Normally I respond with, “I feel relieved” or “I’m exhausted, but happy.” I realize, though, that those answers skirt around the actual questions, but I honestly don’t know what the actual answer is.

In a way I don’t feel different at all. Bekah and I still live in Atlanta, we still work in the same office, and I still read theology books (I know, that probably classifies me as some sort of geek). In another way, however, everything feels different. My being in seminary was one of the main things that kept us off the mission field.

“When are you going on the field?” someone would ask us.

“Well, Blake is still in Seminary,” was our first response.

Now, however, we can say that no more. We’re ready to go. Thanks to my time in Seminary, I feel more equipped than ever for the work at hand, and I’m eager to try out my newfound knowledge. That is an exciting place to be, and I can’t wait to climb aboard an airplane, and head south.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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2 Responses to I Can’t Believe It’s Over

  1. Kathy says:

    So, in other words, it’s not over – it’s just beginning! We’re so excited for both of you!

  2. Sherri Phengchard says:

    So awesome how God has prepared you for what’s next!

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