Where it all began…

As you know from Bekah’s most recent blog, we returned last week from a trip to Honduras. So let me open by saying that I love that country. This was my third time going to Honduras, my second time with Honduras Outreach Inc. to translate for Smoke Rise Baptist, and every time I find myself landing in the Tegucigalpa airport, in an odd way, I feel like I’m home.

See, Honduras is really where this all began for Bekah and me. During our senior year of college we were both exploring what was going to come next in our individual lives. I was looking at seminaries and Bekah was looking at graduate schools with Hispanic Studies programs, apparently neither of us wanted to decide what we were going to do when we grew up! I knew that I felt called to ministry, but mission work wasn’t necessarily my first choice. I liked advocating for missions and taking youth groups on trips, but I hadn’t entertained it as a life calling. I think it was similar for Bekah; while she loved Hispanic studies, doing mission work there wasn’t in the forefront of her mind. Then we went to Honduras.

We went with Mars Hill College’s Baptist Campus Ministries with a mission agency called Louder than Words. We spent one week at a rural orphanage doing nothing more than loving children who often felt no such love. It was through this experience that we realized that there is a world outside of ours that needs to be shown love, and we could imagine no greater joy than delivering on that need.

And now we find ourselves on the cusp of moving to Chile. We are eager to find what God has in store for us as we open this new chapter in our lives. As we go and learn this new country and meet these new people, we will never forget where it all began, in the eyes of Honduran children who were starved for love and attention.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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