Pressing (busily) towards the goal

I was trying to decide what to blog about this morning, and I must admit that, at first, absolutely nothing came to mind. So after staring at the computer for what seemed like an hour, I decided that the best thing to do was to let everyone know exactly where we are, at the outset of a busy time in our lives!

My very last semester began last week! Just so everyone knows, at the Seminary level, 9 hours are considered full-time, 12 are a pretty good load, and 15 are about the max that most are willing to take. The recommended plan is to order your classes so that your last semester contains only 9 hours. This way there is plenty of time for Mentoring II and Capstone which, while enjoyable, require a lot of work outside the classroom. Due to numerous reasons, however, I have 15 hours. So while I’m looking forward to this semester, especially my capstone on the topic of doing missions in Latin America, I’m not looking forward to keeping all of this coursework going.

In addition to seminary (and, of course, work) we have a lot on our plate. In March we will be going to Honduras to translate for a short-term mission team; in April we are offering break-out sessions about our ministry at the Women’s Missionary Union of NC’s Mission Extravaganza as well as trying to move out of our apartment and sell all our belongings at FBC Tucker’s yard sale on April 16th. Somewhere in here we hope to visit more churches and organizations to share about our ministry and enlist more partners so that our hopeful date of departure can become a reality.

All this activity makes it easy to feel overwhelmed. Feeling as if our goals are never going to be achieved would seem natural. But then there are the small things that remind us of what all this activityis heading towards. The other day Pastor Marcelo’s son tagged Bekah and me in a post where he said they are waiting for our return. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to remind us that the business, whether in studies, at work, in packing up our home, or in travelling to speak at various places, all are serving this one goal: to allow us to return to Chile where we can share our hearts with the people we have been called to serve. That makes it worth it.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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1 Response to Pressing (busily) towards the goal

  1. RON says:


    Just a note of encouragement to let you know that we are continuing to lift you and Beka in prayer. Don’t let satan keep you from enjoying the things that God is teaching you day by day. I find that looking at the mountain of things I have to do keeps me from enjoying the blessings that God is providing me moment by moment. Enjoy the ride, and let Him do the leading.

    In Christ,

    Ron King

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