The wonders never cease

Our church is really incredible. This past September they put on an amazing fundraiser event and collected $10,000 for us to put in our support account to pay for the 4×4 vehicle we need. We were blown away. Then they put us in their annual budget for an additional $6,000. Wow! We are so blessed to have such a supportive and encouraging church.

 With that as our track record, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by what happened last week…

 Last Wednesday, Blake and I had the privilege to share with the missions committee about our recent trip and upcoming transition. At the end of our sharing, the chairperson asked us if there was anything that we needed from the church at this point. I mentioned that, besides funding, the one thing really hanging over our heads is how we’ll be able to get rid of most of our belongings. Our apartment lease is up at the end of April, and we hope to move into a mission house at that time. I stated that another church member had mentioned doing a yard sale in the spring and asked the committee if they thought it might be possible. Within minutes, it had become a yard sale and barbeque, with two people heading it up. Church members will have the option to donate items to the yard sale, with the proceeds going to our support account.

 Yesterday, in the bulletin, there was an insert announcing the date (April 16th) and asking people to remember the yard sale when they start their spring cleaning. When First Baptist Tucker says they’ll do something, they aren’t kidding!

 “Possible?” I think so.  : )

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1 Response to The wonders never cease

  1. sherengchard says:

    Praise God!!! I love watching Him provide 🙂

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