Things we miss(ed)

Life and work have been a little crazy since our return. I don’t have time for anything too reflective so I’ll give you a couple of lists…

Things we miss about Chile:

  • Making new friends
  • Marcelo (and his jokes)
  • Meals that last several hours
  • Not being in a hurry to do anything
  • Fresh corvina (sea bass)
  • Fresh fruit juice (especially raspberry)

    Us enjoying wonderful fresh-made juice!

  • Fresh bread
  • Yummy olives
  • No work stress
  • Summer
  • Spanish
  • Beautiful desert
  • Tasty mangos
  • Warm days with cool breezes
  • Feeling alive

 Things we missed about the U.S. while we were there:

  • The desert that will soon be our home.

    Puffs Plus (or any kind of facial tissue)

  • Soft toilet paper
  • Free refills on drinks
  • Being able to rinse our toothbrushes under the faucet
  • The winter wonderland of snow that managed to bury Atlanta while we were gone
  • Peanut butter
  • Fresh-brewed coffee
  • English

I’m sure if we’d been gone for longer than two weeks, both lists would be significantly longer and would include names of the people (and pets) that we love. : )

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4 Responses to Things we miss(ed)

  1. Kenny Park says:

    Allow for the possibility that both lists might’ve grown … shorter

    There were and are things from each place that you DO … NOTICE missing … but after a while it just becomes something that you know you’ll enjoy the next time you have a chance to … it’s not something that interferes in your daily routine … (not that they would anyway) …

    Y’all sound like you are SO ready to BE THERE.

  2. Kenny Park says:

    and yeah, raspberry juice!!! oh MAN …

  3. sherengchard says:

    This post made me hungry for tropical fruits!

  4. Bekah Hart says:

    You’re so right, Kenny. Something being missing or being available eventually becomes part of the new “normal.” Like right now, expensive tasteless fruit is normal for us, but I’m still craving a mango alegre today! 🙂

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