The Value of Relationships

It’s hard to know exactly what to write about this morning. So much has happened in the last 48 hours that I feel as if I could write a book. For your sake, however, I’ll try to keep this to just a few thoughts.

Not long ago I was reading about short-term mission trips to Latin America. The article I was reading made the point that, oftentimes, such trips accomplish good, but what the Latin Americans notice and appreciate more is the relationship that is formed. I have definitely seen this during our stay here.

Several times Marcelo has mentioned that all the North American missionaries go to the South, and that he has prayed many times that God send someone here to help with the work in the north. Undoubtedly he has shared this prayer with people in the church and I feel as if I can see it on their faces. For them the most important thing, at least now, is that we have come. They are not forgotten by the church or by God.

This leads me to cherish every hug, every smile, every kind word. These people are the most precious people one could ever meet. And it’s an honor to be loved and befriended by them.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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1 Response to The Value of Relationships

  1. Aunt Sharon says:

    Sounds like you have found your place:)

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