Almost ready!

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to post an update to remind you that we’re leaving today for our two week trip to Chile. It’s getting difficult to contain our excitement at this point! We’ve only repacked once–praise the Lord! Blake is currently out running errands, while I wait for our last load of laundry to be finished. I just realized that I didn’t pack any socks; maybe I should take care of that while I’m thinking about it. : )

Please be in prayer for us while we’re gone (through January 17th). Please pray that God will direct us to meet the people we need to meet and that we’ll be able to start building good relationships with the right people. Please pray that we’ll have time to see everything we need to see and to price-check everything we need to price-check. Please also pray that we’ll stay rested and healthy.

We’re not sure yet if we’ll have blogging capabilities, but we will be using Blake’s Kindle to  post updates to our Facebook statuses if you’re intersted in what we’re up to or if we got there okay. We’re both taking notebooks so that we’ll be able to write things down to blog about later. We’re taking four empty memory cards and two cameras, so I think we’re set in that department.

We’re headed for the airport in three short hours!!! Tomorrow, we’ll be right smack in the middle of summer. : ) Maybe I don’t need those socks after all…

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