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The wonders never cease

Our church is really incredible. This past September they put on an amazing fundraiser event and collected $10,000 for us to put in our support account to pay for the 4×4 vehicle we need. We were blown away. Advertisements

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Things we miss(ed)

Life and work have been a little crazy since our return. I don’t have time for anything too reflective so I’ll give you a couple of lists…

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Planning for the Spring

Hello everyone! This is more of an announcement than a blog, but we are currently trying to plan out our spring speaking engagements. If anyone out there would like for us to visit (or revisit) their church or organization to … Continue reading

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The Ministry of Presence

As we continue to process all that we experienced these past two weeks there is one theme continually comes to mind. It seems that regardless of what we hope to do or the goals we hope to accomplish the most important ministry … Continue reading

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Feeling so welcome! : )

For the last several days, we’ve been attending the annual meeting of the Chilean Baptist Union (UBACH). We’ve had sketchy Internet connection in our hotel, so please forgive us for not posting more this week.

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Sundays are a little bit different here

It’s summer here in Chile and during the summer, the church in Arica only has services at 8:00 at night, so the rest of the day really is spent resting and spending time with family. In March, Sunday School will … Continue reading

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Up in the mountains

So much is happening that it is very hard to keep up. There is so much to blog about that it’s hard to decide what to write, but in order to stay good on Bekah’s promise, I will stick to … Continue reading

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