The Blessing of Hospitality

This has been one whirlwind adventure! Since November 21 we’ve been on the road, visiting five of the warmest congregations in the South. It has truly been a blessing to visit with friends and family, and to meet fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We have continually been surprised by the graciousness, kindness, and hospitality we’ve received.

I’m reminded of the countless times in Scripture when the believers are encouraged to show hospitality to one another. As Paul and the other Apostles travelled around we are told that they were blessed by the generosity of those receiving them. For instace, 2 Cor. 7:13 says, “In addition to our own encouragement, we were especially delighted to see how happy Titus was, because his spirit has been refreshed by all of you.” And in Romans 1 we learn that Paul longs to be with the Roman Christians, so that they can be “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” Paul stands to receive as much as he gives.

That is how we feel right now. We have been deeply blessed by the churches we have visited. Our spirits are brightened and our hearts are overflowing. So we offer this warm thank you to all our host churches; we hope you were just as encouraged by our visit as we were by your hospitality.

Thank you Wingate Baptist, FBC Weaverville, Trinity Baptist in Seneca, FBC Williams, and FBC Commerce. You all have blessed us more than we can say.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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