Chile Bound…in January

Airline tickets have been purchased and plans are being finalized for us to go to Chile this January! No, we are not that far ahead of schedule in our funding nor was I able to finish seminary in one semester instead of two. But we are getting to go visit the sites where we’ll eventually be as well as attend the national meeting of UBACH (The Baptist Union of Chile).

Bekah and I are really excited about this trip. We will be spending part of our time in a place called Calama for the meeting of UBACH. Here we will get to meet various Baptist ministers and leaders from all over the country. We will also spend some time in Santiago, the capital.  Most of our time, however, will be spent in Arica and the Aymara villages. We will get to visit ministry sites,  look for apartments, price various things we will have to buy, and most importantly we will get to know Marcelo, the pastor with whom we’ll be working.

We are really eager for this trip to come, to make firm the connection we have with the people there, and to begin to put real faces with the names and people groups we have been talking about all along. We can’t wait! But we do ask that even now you begin praying for this trip. We need your prayer so that the right doors are opened to us, that we encounter the people we need to meet, that we will be able to do all the groundwork that must be done before we move there, and that we will bond with the people with whom we’ll be working.

Thank you all for your prayers! We look forward to sharing in this ministry together!


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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4 Responses to Chile Bound…in January

  1. A.Sharon says:

    Was just thinking about you both. This is wonderful. I will pray for your trip!

  2. Sharon Murphy says:

    This is wonderful. I will pray for your trip.

  3. sherengchard says:

    How exciting! At first I thought you were going in January permanently! What a blessing to be able to check things out, and get even more excited about what’s to come!

  4. CJ Wehmiller says:

    This is great news! Will be praying that God will go before you and prepare the way.
    We know it will be a great trip and what you need to keep yourselves sustained until you are in Chile for your “real” time.

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