The marathon begins

Blake started his last year of classes at McAfee on Monday. Part of me feels relieved that seminary is coming to an end and part of me dreads what it’s going to take to actually get to the end. In addition to five classes (14 hours), he has 20 hours of work and 6 hours of an internship type thing (class-required). This doesn’t include the countless hours that my favorite bookworm spends studying. The mantra at McAfee is “two hours of work outside of class for every hour spent in class.” Maybe you’re beginning to see why I have mixed feelings about this semester beginning. I feel like I say “this is his hardest semester yet” every semester, but I really mean it–at least until next semester.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of Saturdays, I’ve come up with a plan. If you know me, you know that having a plan is serious business. I don’t make a plan unless I know that nothing else will be effective and I know, already, that nothing else will be effective. How? Ask how we spent Saturdays last semester and I’ll tell you that we spent the majority of our Saturdays last semester trying to think of something fun to do, which I find slightly ironic. I also know that Blake thrives off of having a plan, so I’m playing the game his way. Friday nights this semester, we will be drawing little slips of paper from a bowl. The slips of paper are color-coded; green is outdoor/nature, blue is art/history and purple is entertainment. Blake compares it to Trivial Pursuit which is, fittingly enough,  one of my favorite games. Anyways, on the slips of paper are things to do around Atlanta. They include things like the Salvador Dali exhibit at the art museum, pedal boating in the lake at Stone Mountain and seeing a drive in movie. Some are free, most are cheap and all are fun. We draw on Friday and do on Saturday.

I’m not sure how well this is going to work, but I’m sure looking forward to Friday night. 🙂 If you have ideas about fun/cheap stuff to do around or near Atlanta, I’ve still got some blank slips of paper.

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1 Response to The marathon begins

  1. sherengchard says:

    How fun! I will have to try that out with Dom. I think there are more fun things to do in ATL than Waxhaw though 🙂

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