Ask and it will be given

We finally finished our support letter and we’ve been sending it out in batches for the last couple of weeks. I have to say that I wasn’t sure the letter would ever be finished. We kept finding things here and there to change and new information to include. We messed with the margins to keep everything on one page, we searched for the perfect picture to use as a background, etc. I think this process could have gone on forever, and not because we’re perfectionists. If you don’t believe me, ask my mother. She knows what my cursive writing looked like as a kid.

Asking people for support is difficult and foreign. Even though we’ve both had to raise our own support before, this has been different. The usual  awkwardness of asking for money combined with the amount we have to raise before we can move is almost too much to think about. In the US, we’re raised to be independent (and even if I wasn’t raised that way, that’s how I turned out). Asking people to support our life-calling and ministry is not exactly an independent act. It’s dependent, communal and uncontrollable.

Yesterday when I asked Becky to run a status report on our fundraising, I wasn’t sure what I’d see or if I wanted to see it. Imagine my surprise when our total of pledges and gifts had more than doubled since the last time we checked! The funny thing about it all is that not one cent of it has come as a response to our support letter. Today, I’m grateful for the gifts and pledges from people who quietly found ways to give, even before we asked.

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