Just the basics

I realized after we made a few blog posts that there are probably a few people who do not know what we’re doing, where we’re going, or any details whatsoever. Some may have received snapshots of what we’re up to but few details. So I decided that now would be as good a time as any to blog about the basics.

Bekah and I have been selected by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) to serve as AsYouGo Affiliates in Chile. What is an AsYouGo Affiliate? Basically it means that we are CBF Field Personnel but due to the current economic climate we are having to raise our own funding.

We’ll be serving in the northern part of Chile. Many people are unaware that this part of Chile is a vast desert, one of the driest in the world. Some areas have never recorded rainfall. Our ministry will be split between the coastal city of Arica and the mountain village of Ticnamar. The bulk of our ministry will be among the Aymara people, an indigenous community that has pre-Incan origins. They are neglected by the larger society and rely mostly upon what little food they can produce from the arid soil. Most of our ministry with them will focus on working with neglected children, pastoral training and discipleship. There are other ministry possibilities that will have to be evaluated more closely once we arrive.

Needless to say this is a very exciting time in our lives. We are eager to get to know the people of Chile, and we anticipate seeing God work in miraculous ways. Thank you for your prayer and support as we begin our preparations for these ministries.


About Blake Hart

My goal in life is to follow Jesus as faithfully as possible.
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1 Response to Just the basics

  1. Wow! I definitely didn’t know that was one of the driest areas in the world. What a unique, and much needed area to serve in!

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