What’s in a name?

Well, we did it. It was quite challenging and we spent a lot of time agonizing over it, but it’s done. You may ask what “it” was… Budget? Big purchase? Location change? Nope. Web address for our blog.

I was certain we didn’t want a cheesy web address, and asked co-workers for input. Nearly every suggestion I got back was some kind of play on our last name; the epitome of cheese. This went on for a couple of weeks until we finally gave up on getting any normal suggestions. After that, we’d say things like “we really need to start a blog” or “had any ideas for the blog lately?” Nothing ground-breaking happened.

We attended New Field Personnel Orientation this weekend and realized, again, the urgency for creating some way of sharing our experiences with friends and family. We may not be going to Chile until next year, but we’ll still have minor victories to celebrate and disappointments to pray about. The web address and title were the only thing standing in our way. I got a pad of paper and we wrote down every word we could think of that might have something to do with the ministry we’ll be a part of. Aymara—too difficult to remember how to spell. South America—too long and generic. We even used a thesaurus. For journey we got vagrancy. Not quite what we were hoping for.

After sitting there staring at each other and our list for way longer than should have been necessary, I had a flash of brilliance, or cheese, or something. In much laughter and lack of sleep, The Hart Beat was born. I guess this is one of those “small victories” I mentioned above. Cheesy? You bet.

I just had a thought. If we do a newsletter, what will we name it?

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5 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. Anjani says:

    Ahhh! I did it. Had to turn of phone and let it rest but now I’m here with yall in the desert!
    Great job guys! This is a great blog set up. May get courageous and try this….maybe.
    Have a Super week!

    • Anjani says:

      Dessert journeys? Is it a cullinary blog? Sounds yummy! Give me your thoughts on the local chocolate pudding called Moco. They do have it at Chili’s, right? Is is Chili’s or Outback where you will be working? Ha! Anjani wanted me to be sure that you knew it was Jimmy writing this! We really are proud of you. We must get to work on ours. How about Spanish Fly as a name?

      • blakethart says:

        Haha! How did I know that this second response was Jimmy! We’ll be sure to keep you personally up to date on all our culinary encounters once we make it to Applebee’s, um..er…Chili’s. Um, I mean Longhorn. Uhhhm, Vortex??? I wonder if they have one of those in Chile?

  2. Candace Faggen says:

    Hart Rate. If it’s weekly, you have a healthy runners h(e)art rate of 52. If you prefer monthly, it’s not a good play on words. Though if you were going into space you’d have a good excuse for a 12 beat h(e)art, suspended animation.
    Then there’s a fun one. Updates on the Hart Condition. Or Mushy, Open Hart, Harts across the desert… You could pick your favorite chili pepper and do something like Habanero Harts, Harts Afire–meanings-on fire for God, In Chile, a hot place, with hot peppers, Blazing Harts-same thing, …
    I see what you mean, but cheese is a good source of calcium and kids of all ages like it.

  3. Sally Sutton says:

    Thanks for joining us for dinner. We enjoyed our time together. Good job on the blog. It was interesting reading all your comments.

    How about Words from the Hart for your newsletter?

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